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Looking out through your car-windows
you maybe see the island - walking with Andreas you will experience it !

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FUERTESCOUT means 25 years of hiking on Fuerteventura.


FUERTESCOUT’s nature-walks will get you into the most intensive contact with the island. 


From easy strolls along the coast to more extreme mountain hikes - everything is possible - tours for all ages !


No fixed program of hikes since all tours are tailor-made for your individual interests and your personal fitness.


Walking-areas and tours depend on season, weather, wind, waves, tides . . - but most of all on what you want to do and what you are able to do !


Your tour will be worked out in personal mail-exchange and on the actual day of the tour.

  • walks with children

  • culinary walks

  • walks with photographers

  • several days-walks

  • therapeutic walks

  • walks for ornithologists

  • barefoot-walks 

  • meditative walks    

  • . . .

Prices depend on : length of tour / pick-up / number of participants . .

Andreas comes to pick you up at your holiday-home.

(full insurance guaranteed)


Andreas was amongst the first official hiking-guides on Fuerteventura. He played an important role in the development of the island's walking-path-network, and thanks to his efforts hiking has become more and more popular on Fuerteventura.

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