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Slow travelling = real travelling.

Travelling with maps and apps . . may be quite nice - but who is going to explain you what you see . . and why it looks the way it looks ? 


Born in 1964 in Black Forest Andreas Caliman started travelling at an early age to get to some of the nicest windsurf-spots on the planet. He first came into contact with Canaries in the late 70s. As a tennis-instructor he first arrived on Fuerteventura back in 1995. Ever since then he did not feel tempted to leave the island.


Andreas has got a university degree in educational science, he is licensed tennis-, windsurf- and volleyball-instructor and has worked as freelance-journalist back in his home-country. 

He is a government-licensed tour-guide for Canaries (GTI-0264) and South-Tyrol.

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