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Booking / FAQs

FUERTESCOUT does not use booking-forms. Each mail will be personally answered by the scout himself.

FUERTESCOUT does not stick to the common 9am to 5pm-pattern. You decide where and when you wish to be picked up . . and -of course- when you want to be back !


FUERTESCOUT stands for highest standards !

Even before the pandemic Andreas was walking with smallest groups or even single persons.

FUERTESCOUT means personal treat from the very first contact till the sending of fotos after your tour. Not seldom clients turn into friends . .


prices depend on: number of clients / duration of tour / pick-up . .

for more information please contact Andreas !


payment: however clients prefer !

(normally in cash on the day of the tour)



Andreas Caliman

Official Guide



WhatsApp: +34 686 088 493


find us on facebook !


As Andreas is constantly moving over the island, it’s hard to catch him on the phone. Please contact via mail or whatsapp! 



Where can I find a list of tours ?

Andreas does not want to make his hiking-routes public, since they are his actual treasure.

FUERTESCOUT’s walks are 100 % individual !

means: Andreas is working out a taylor-made walk for  each client.

Like everywhere else walking-routes on Fuerteventura depend on: season, weather, wind, waves, tides . . - but first of all on what you want to see and what you are able to do !


Your actual walking-route will be worked out during your mail correspondance and on the very day of your tour.


Does FUERTESCOUT pick up on the whole island ?

Most walks are happening in the multifaceted north, or appealing center and west of the island. Depending on the number of clients Andreas might also come to pick you up in the south of the island.


Doesn’t it get too warm for walking on Fuerteventura, in summertime ?

A definite NO !

All summer through trade winds guarantee for ideal walking-conditions, and make the climate of Canaries most enjoyable.

Neither does it get too cold in winter (what most people know), nor too hot in summer (what few people know) !

The actually felt temperature on Fuerteventura mostly depends on wind-strength and direction !


Does FUERTESCOUT offer nature-walks all year through ?

FUERTESCOUT is mostly doing walks between September and June. July and August Andreas prefers to walk at home in Black Forest or in South Tyrol, where he’s also an official guide.


Which equipment do I need to go walking on Fuerteventura ?

No matter what time of the year you better stick to the ‚onion-rule‘ - means: from windbreaker to bikini / boardshorts you better have everything with you.

Important are:


  • windbreak

  • sun protection (cap/hat/sun cream with high protection)

  • enough liquid (min 1,5 l / pers. !)

  • good shoes and socks


What does a FUERTESCOUT-walk cost and how is the payment-policy ?

Costs for a FUERTESCOUT-walk depend on the location of your pick up, the duration of the tour, and most of all on the number of clients.

You pay however you prefer / before the tour by transferral or on the actual day of the excursion in cash.


Do I have a special insurance when I walk with  FUERTESCOUT ?

FUERTESCOUT has all necessary insurances and permits.

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