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Slow travelling = real travelling.

demnächst im Buchhandel !!!

Travelling with maps and apps . . may be quite nice - but who is going to explain you what you see . . and why it looks the way it looks ? 


Born in 1964 in Black Forest Andreas Caliman started travelling at an early age to get to some of the nicest windsurf-spots on the planet. He first came into contact with Canaries in the late 70s. As a tennis-instructor he first arrived on Fuerteventura back in 1995. Ever since then he did not feel tempted to leave the island.


Andreas has got a university degree in educational science, he is licensed tennis-, windsurf- and volleyball-instructor and has worked as freelance-journalist back in his home-country. 

He is a government-licensed tour-guide for Canaries (GTI-0264) and South-Tyrol.

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hier ein paar Kapitel-Überschriften:

Von Eiszeiten, Kragentrappen und spuckbeuteln

Viel nichts

wo steine reden

Nacktwanderer und ringelschwänzchen

geliebte quadratschädel

aale auf fuerteventura

Bomben schmeissen in el cotillo 

ihr deutschen seid doch verrückt

'oh wie schön ist panama'

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